IBM PowerVM hypervisor driver (phyp)

The IBM PowerVM driver can manage both HMC and IVM PowerVM guests. VIOS connections are tunneled through HMC.

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Connections to the PowerVM driver

Some example remote connection URIs for the driver are:

phyp://user@hmc/system (HMC connection)
phyp://user@ivm/system (IVM connection)

Note: In contrast to other drivers, the PowerVM (or phyp) driver is a client-side-only driver, internally using ssh to connect to the specified hmc or ivm server. Therefore, the remote transport mechanism provided by the remote driver and libvirtd will not work, and you cannot use URIs like phyp+ssh://

URI Format

URIs have this general form ([...] marks an optional part, {...|...} marks a mandatory choice).